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Beaufort or Belfort Castle

Beaufort or Belfort Castle ( Arabic: Qala’at al-Shaqif ) is a Crusader fortress in Nabatieh Governorate, Southern Lebanon, There was a fortification on the site before it was captured by Fulk, King of Jerusalem, in 1139 and construction of the Crusader castle probably began soon after. Saladin captured Beaufort in 1190, but 60 years later Crusaders re-took it. In 1268 Sultan Baibars finally captured the castle for the Islamic forces.

Beaufort provides one of the few cases where a medieval castle proved of military value and utility also in modern warfare, as its late 20th-century history shows.


The castle was named bel fort or beau fort (French for “beautiful fortress”) by the Crusaders who occupied  it in the 12th century. Its Arabic name Qala’at al-Shaqif means “Castle of the High Rock” (“shqif is the Aramaic word for “high rock”).