Poetry Night

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  • August 6, 2017: Poetry Night

“No people in the world manifest such enthusiastic admiration for literary expression and are so moved by the word, spoken or written, as the Arabs. Modern audiences can be stirred to the highest degree by the recital of poems, only vaguely comprehended, and by the delivery of orations in the classical tongue, though it be only partially understood.

THE ARABIC POETRY NIGHT will host one of the most prominent poets in the Arab world and will include:


Bassem Abbas – Lebanon

BA in Arabic Language and Literature from the Lebanese University in 1982
Secretary of Internal Affairs and Enrollment in the Lebanese Writers Union since 2008
Member of the Union of Arab Writers
Founding member of the Lebanese Cultural Movement and member of its administrative body since 1994 … Read more

Omar Battisha – Egypt

Faculty of Media at Cairo University
Graduate Diploma – Department of Radio and Television:
Faculty of Literature at Alexandria University
Bachelor of Arts Department of English Language
Former President of Egyptian Radio and … Read more

Aref Al Saiidi – Iraq

Baccalaureate in Arabic languages 2001
Masters in Modern Literature 2006
PHD in Modern Arabic Literature and Criticism Mostansariya University 2011
Member of general union of writers in Iraq
Secretary of Arab Affairs  union of literature … Read more

Hassan Al Matroushi – Oman

Current Job Position: Editing Manager of Al Takwin Magazine
Previous Jobs:
-Retired translator from the Ministry of Defense
-Head of Cultural Section at Al Watan Newspaper
-A media expert collaborating with the Scientific Research Council … Read more

Mohamad Abdel Bari – Sudan

Masters degree in literature from Jordan University in Oman, his thesis (The theory of poetry at Muslim philosophers (Abu Nasr Al-Farabi)

  • Most Important Awards:
  • Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity in the UAE for the best Arabic Diwan in 2013 of his first Diwan (Mathiyat al nar al oula) … Read more



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