Melhem Barakat

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  • July 17, 1998: Melhem Barakat

Melhem Barakat, a Lebanese singer. He composed music for some of the best Arab singers of the past century, including Fayruz (Hanna el-Sekran), Sabah, Samira Tewfik, Wadih El Safi and Majida El Roumi (I’tazalt al-Gharam). Barakat was known for his energetic songs.

His career had many successes. His best-known works were “Ala babi wa’ef amareen”, “Abouha radi”, “Farah ennass”, “Hamama beda”, “Habibi enta”, “Ma thezzi kboush el touti”, “Wahdi ana” and “Ya hobbi ili ghab”


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