Omar Batisha

Omar Batisha Biography


Omar Batisha- Egypt

Faculty of Media at Cairo University

Graduate Diploma – Department of Radio and Television:

Faculty of Literature at Alexandria University

Bachelor of Arts Department of English Language

Former President of Egyptian Radio and President of the Association of Egyptian Composers

A professional journalist and media expert and a great poet with a collection of the most successful poetic works, Announcer /axes and the owner of the most famous radio and television program “شاهد على العصر” which resonated widely and was held in a series of books for more than one publishing house, his poets were sung by the most famous Arab singers such as Sabah, Muharam Fouad, Faiza Ahmad, Warda Jazairiya and much more.

He was unanimously elected as President of the Society of Authors and Composers for a period of 35 consecutive years from 1998 till 2008


Media work and the presidency of the Egyptian radio

He joined the Egyptian Radio program in 1995 and was promoted director of public administration for several programs, He chaired the youth and sports association in the year 1993 and designed schedule of the programs.

He took over the presidency of Egyptian Radio in 2002

He won many awards from the Arab Media Festival in consecutive sessions and competitions of international federations such as the broadcasting union and the European broadcasting union

Diwan :

  • الهجرة من الجهات الأربع عام 1970
  • أغنية إايها عام 1984
  • قضائد حب غام 2001


  • He got the best prize from many local and Arabic competitions
  • أيوه تعبني هواك – فايزة أحمد
  • مش حاتنازل عنك مهما يكون – سميرة سعيد
  • يلا نعيش الحياة –صباح
  • بتونس بيك و حرمت أحبك و نار الغيرة – وردة


Media Awards:

  • First prize from the Egyptian radio program ” شاهد على العصر”
  • Best Ramadan program for 10 consecutive years, Golden prize from the Cairo festival of radio and television