Mohammad Abdel Bari

Mohammad Abdel Bari Biography

Mohammad Abdel Bari – Sudan

Masters degree in literature from Jordan University in Oman, his thesis (The theory of poetry at Muslim philosophers (Abu Nasr Al-Farabi)

  • Most Important Awards:
  • Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity in the UAE for the best Arabic Diwan in 2013 of his first Diwan (Mathiyat al nar al oula)
  • The Snoussi Poetry Award from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2016 of  his Diwan (Ka annaka lam )
  • Arab African Youth Award “ Afrabia” year 2016 of poetry, an award co-sponsored by the African Union and the League of Arab States

A presence in the Arab countries in various events that fall between the lines of philosophy and thought on the one hand; poetry on the other hand,beside his media participations in the various means of the Arab media ( Written-Radios-TV-)


Issued three poetry collections:

Marthiyat al nar al Oula:

The first edition was issued in 2013 by the Department of Culture and Information in the Emirate of Sharjah and the second edition was issued by the House of Knowledge in Beirut in 2015

Ka annak Lam:

The first edition of Dar Al Madarak was published in Dubai in 2014 , second edition of the same publishin house in 2015

Al Ahella:

The first edition of Madarak in Dubai in November 2016,  second edition of the same publishing house in January 2017


  • Best Omani poet version in 2008 (Association of writers)
  • Best Omani poet version in 2013 (Association of writers)
  • General Translator Award as the best Omani Translator in 2014 at Sultan Qaboos University
  • Al-Sanousi Poetry Award -Jazan- Saudi Arabia 2015



  • The poet of the Oman Poetry Festival 2016 , For his experience and his poetic contributions